“People will forget who you are, people will forget what you did, but people will never

forget how you made them feel.” – Maya Angelou.

My passion for filmmaking is fueled by the desire to witness and experience lifetimes and stories of people. I am an extremely curious person and it's that quality that drives my passion to make films that shine a light on our diversity, focusing on different cultures, different religions and generation gaps. I am committed to creating a world where acceptability and understanding are the norm.

I use the craft of filmmaking as a creative medium to explore unfamiliar territories and circumstances, revealing the extraordinary ways humans interact with each other and with their environment... allowing all of us the gift of rediscovering our own curiosity about the world. 

Urwa Zubair was born and raised in Pakistan. She worked in two feature films and several television commercials as an assistant director and assistant producer. She  also wrote, directed and produced several international award winning short films. Belonging to a former military family, she travelled a lot. Her nomadic lifestyle taught her the worth of simple things in life and understanding to work with individuals of different ethnicities and cultures. As a filmmaker, She is gravitated towards creating acceptability and understanding towards different cultures, religions and generation gaps by incorporating poverty, gender discrimination and women equality in her films.